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Light, thin, fast 

HD enjoyment 

high pixel density point 

Low power consumption 

Easy to maintain and install 

960*960mm LED display, 

p2.5mm p3.07 p4mm p5mm p10mm


Available indoor or outdoor,Front and rear double maintenance 2-3 year warranty and 5% spare parts

indoor LED screen specifications
pixel pitch2.5mm3.07mm4mm5mm10mm
ledSMD 3 in 1
Module size320*160mm
Module resolution128*64 points104*52 points80*40 points64*32 points32*16 points
density160000 pixels/square meter105688 pixels/square meter62500 pixels/square meter40000 pixels/square meter10000 pixels/square meter
LED cabinet size960*960*87(mm)
Cabinet weight24kg/pc
MaterialDie-cast magnesium alloy
Average power consumption450w380w350w320w280w
Maximum power consumption980w900w880w850w750w
best viewing distance2.5m to 25m3m to 30m4m to 40m5m to 50m10m to 100m
grayscale14 bits
fresh frequency≥60HZ≥960HZ
Humidity Operation10%~95%
screen life≥100000 hours
Warranty3 years
Protection classIP43 dustproof

Outdoor LED screen specifications
pixel pitch4mm5mm6.67mm8mm10mm
ledSMD 3 in 1
module size320*160mm
Module resolution80*40 points64*32 points48*24 points40*20 points32*16 points
density62500 pixels/sqm40000 pixels/sqm22478 pixels/sqm15625 pixels/sqm10000 pixels/sqm
LED cabinet size960*960*87(mm)
Cabinet weight26kg/pc
MaterialDie-cast magnesium alloy
Average power consumption480w450w350w320w280w
Maximum power consumption980w880w950w850w750w
best viewing distance4m to 40m5m to 50m6m to 60m8m to 80m10m to 100m
grayscale14 bits
fresh frequency≥960HZ
Working humidity10%~95%
screen life≥100000 hours
Warranty3 years
Protection classIP65 waterproof